WWE writers too afraid to criticize Wobbly Walrus being...

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WWE writers too afraid to criticize Wobbly Walrus being...

As widely seen during the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, Bray Wyatt with the help of Vince McMahon's puppet with devil horns, presented to his audience the new character who will now officially become part of his Firefly Fun House, with Wobbly Walrus, the "cute" walrus with the features of Paul Heyman, who in fact immediately brought to the minds of fans the WWE Mad Genius.

Apparently, of course, the similarities between the speech and the physiognomy between Heyman and Walrus were desired by the WWE, with the main inventor of the character being none other than Bruce Prichard, head of the creative team of Monday Night Raw and Friday.

Night Smackdown for months.

WWE writers too afraid to criticize Wobbly Walrus

Apparently, according to what has been revealed by the well-known overseas site Ringside News, the writers who work closely with Prichard and Vince McMahon are said to be literally scared to death about the realization of this character, with many employees of the creative team who would avoid talk about this introduction for fear of retaliation against them.

Being the puppet dedicated to Paul Heyman, created in a way that certainly does not emphasize its merits and merits, the writers would not know at the moment how to define the character. In fact, many, after what happened at Smackdown, would be afraid of losing their job if they were to make a mistake in doing or above all saying something in the presence of Prichard and Vince McMahon, with Heyman who was first in the role of Prichard and who is now instead taken.

around in a blatant way even with an on-screen puppet. Many insiders would be sure that if they too began to mock the Mad Genius or the puppet dedicated to him, they would certainly be torpedoed by the WWE, or at least not seen as before.
Some internal sources who would have spoken to the well-known American site, would have also pointed out to reporters how it would be quite counterproductive to create an internal parody of a manager who is currently building something very important in the rings with Roman Reigns, which for once seems also appreciated by the fringes of WWE Universe's most absolutist fans However, the idea of ​​having such a character with the features of Heyman was totally of Prichard, with McMahon who has endorsed this choice and with the Mad Genius who apparently would not have said anything about it yet, remaining in an impassive silence.

The new Wobbly Walrus t-shirt on WWE’s official shop is called the “Wobbly Walrus ‘Ladies & Gentleman’ T-shirt”. Of course, “Ladies and Gentleman is a Paul Heyman line that he inserts into all of his promos.