*Spoiler* Braun Strowman invades RAW Underground, to fight Debbie Kato next week

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*Spoiler* Braun Strowman invades RAW Underground, to fight Debbie Kato next week

After losing the Universal title to Bray Wyatt aka The Fiend in Summerslam and then being annihilated by the devastating on-screen return of Smackdown's Big Dog, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman was absent from the TV screens for a while from Friday Night Smackdown.

Indeed, the bearded WWE giant did not take part in the latest episode of the blue show that airs on the FOX channel. With the return of Roman Reigns who has been joined by Paul Heyman as his manager, in fact, for Braun Strowman there seems to be no more place in the main event of Smackdown, with the former member of the Wyatt Family who has now appeared sensationally in the black ring of Raw Underground, without an explanation, but still remaining a superstar of the blue show in all respects.

Braun Strowman invades Raw Underground

In the last hour of the Monday Night Raw episode that aired last night, the former Universal Champion, in fact, stood in front of the door of the famous warehouse used as a clandestine betting room, with Shane McMahon holding irregular matches on a ring without ropes, with all WWE athletes taking part in it, with no forbidden strokes and no official rules to follow.

WWE tweeted about this. Its tweet said, "#TheMonster is HERE!! #WWERaw #RawUnderground @BraunStrowman @shanemcmahon" After his entry into the Underground, with the commentators of the Raw table having specified several times that Braun Strowman is still a Superstar of Smackdown and that Raw Underground is, therefore, a brand-free zone, the Monster Among Men immediately began to sow panic among the athletes who rushed to the ring, first knocking out a boy with two simple punches and then also knocking down former 24/7 champion Riddick Moss.

When Dolph Ziggler also came to help, the result did not change, however, with both athletes who were knocked down by Braun Strowman, who with his punches and Powerslam continued to clean up the ring. After yet another opponent landed, it was time to step into the ring of the other Raw Underground giant, Dabba Kato, who was immediately stopped by Shane McMahon, to hold the huge challenge for next week, in the next episode of Monday Night Raw.

WWE teased the same with a tweet that read: "#TheMonster @BraunStrowman vs. the undefeated @DabbaKato NEXT WEEK??!?! #WWERaw #RawUnderground @shanemcmahon"