*Spoiler* Randy Orton to miss Clash of Champions?

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*Spoiler* Randy Orton to miss Clash of Champions?

One of the most interesting storylines and followed by fans of the WWE Universe is certainly the one that sees the WWE world champion, Drew McIntyre, going to war with the Legend Killer Randy Orton, in a no holds barred battle, which he has already seen the intervention of an ambulance to take away once the WWE Champion, who due to that attack by Orton had to skip the last PPV broadcast by the Stamford-located company: Payback.

In the last few weeks, in fact, the two main eventers of Monday Night Raw seem to have given a good reason, with the son of Bob Orton who would have come out quite battered from the last episode of the company's flagship show, so much so as to have brought the management to want to oust him from his titled match in Clash of Champions (obviously everything is the result of the storyline and not of a real injury).

Will Randy Orton miss Clash of Champions?

As reported on-screen by Adam Pearce in the latest episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on 14th night, Randy Orton did not seem to have been eligible to be able to return to perform in the Raw rings, due to the devastating attack perpetrated on him by the WWE Champion McIntyre last week.

Because of this, Randy Orton could be ousted from his titled match at the next Stamford-based company's Pay-Per-View (PPV), with the possibility of the title passing into the hands of Keith Lee, if the former NXT athlete had beaten the defending champion in the main event of the episode.

At the moment, however, there has not been any official confirmation about the forfeit of Randy Orton, but the certain thing is that the Clash of Champions match has now become an Ambulance Match, with Keith Lee who has not succeeded in his intention, due to the umpteenth attack of the Retribution, which ended the main event of the red show in a no contest, with the two main eventers having to contend with the hooded ones of the stable of chaos, while the show ended.

We'll see next week if there are any other major developments on this storyline or if WWE will announce something else first. WWE Clash of Champion is scheduled to held on 27th September and Randy Orton was to be one of the star highlights of the PPV.