"Formula1 is not WWE": Mercedes' Toto Wolff makes interesting comparison

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"Formula1 is not WWE": Mercedes' Toto Wolff makes interesting comparison

Last Sunday in the world of sports was dominated by engines, with the whole world concentrating on what was happening in Italy: the MotoGP race was held on the Misano circuit, while the Formula 1 race was held on the Mugello circuit.

And the Tuscan circuit experienced an extremely throbbing race, even if it was dominated, as is very often the case, by Mercedes. Yet the motorsport weekend also presented a reference to wrestling and specifically the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

For a change, with disparaging tones. It was Toto Wolff, Mercedes' Team Principal, who dropped the bomb. And several hours before Lewis Hamilton's victory in front of his teammate Valtteri Bottas, the head of the world champion team refused a proposal from the Formula1 federation, and in wanting to define it as ridiculous he used a yardstick that certainly made fans turn up their noses.

wrestling: "Formula 1 is not WWE"

The reason for the "comparison" between wrestling and WWE

The comment stems from the idea (for now simply sketched) that from 2021 in Formula 1 there will also be a fast race on Saturday, in which the top ten start in inverted positions with respect to qualifying.

A way to disrupt the cards in a sport that in recent years has given few surprises and which instead experienced a Sunday of great emotions in Monza, when due to various circumstances the positions had been reshuffled. "I don't think we should predetermine strange results, perhaps on circuits where overtaking is almost impossible, just because we think the hierarchical order might be different.

This is a meritocratic sport, in which the best man and the machine win. better. It's not WWE, where the outcome is completely random, "thundered Toto Wolff. "If we then want to do random things, then let's make it a show.

But I think the DNA of Formula 1 makes it a sport, and only afterwards an entertainment platform. It's not a show, it's not a reality show and it's not the Great. Brother. Plus I don't think that's the direction we need to take," was his conclusion.

A clear and crystalline speech, in itself. Too bad that yet again the umpteenth attack has arrived against the WWE and wrestling, however, easily avoidable in the general framework of the speech.