The Miz comments on Mandy Rose

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The Miz comments on Mandy Rose

Over the weekend, WWE revealed in a surprise announcement that they had drafted Mandy Rose by moving her from SmackDown to Monday Night Raw. One of the characters who seems to have orchestrated this move is The Miz although it must be said that the wrestler appeared anything but happy.

Through social media The Awesome One has explained in its own way why this move can further the development of Otis's career. Here are his words: "With fewer distractions, Otis can now focus on the WWE Universal Championship.

The Miz on Mandy Rose

Despite being a possible opponent, very few people in WWE believe that Otis can overthrow current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. On the other hand, it should be specified that Otis could compete for any WWE world champion title in the various rosters of the Stamford company.

Both Otis and Mandy Rose have not taken this affair well and indeed have duramsnte attacked the wrestler, who candidly admitted that he had pushed the management to separate the two. We will now see in the next Raw tapings what will happen again in this particular storyline with Otis who would not have even tried to collect his Money in the Bank yet and with the couple formed by The Miz and Morrison who has been trying since time immemorial to steal it without success.

After giving him the briefcase, interesting rumors emerged about Otis' future with WWE having big plans for the likeable wrestler: Vince McMahon sees the chance to do great things with Otis in the SmackDown ring, but at the same time he recently decided to abandon the original plans provided for the athlete.

Even initially, as reported by some sources inside the WWE, the athlete should have been involved in a feud against even The Fiend, alter ego of Bray Wyatt and during the storyline, there should have been the intervention of Tucker, ready to take the storyline to an even higher level.

However, WWE's initial plans for the wrestler have been called off. It all happened after the latest episode of SmackDown after it went off Air, and at Talking Smack The Miz crashed the set of WWE Talking Smack to break the news of Mandy Rose’s trade to Raw.

This sudden news left WWE fans astounds and Rose expressed her views on that. Mandy Rose has still not admitted clearly that she has moved to RAW as she also claimed that Miz was using some tactic since The Miz and John Morrison’s ongoing quest to part Otis with his Money in the Bank Contract.