Update on Keith Lee's WWE future

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Update on Keith Lee's WWE future

Keith Lee could be yet another victim of the move from NXT to the main roster, with Vince McMahon's responsibilities this time even more evident than in the past. Talking about it are Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez, who on the 'Wrestling Observer' framed what seems to be the situation of Limitless One after the great impact it had on Raw.

According to them, in fact, it took three weeks before Vince McMahon got fed up with him, going so far as to say that "he's just another guy like the others" Clearly their theory has to be proven, given how Keith Lee was immediately presented as a hit of Raw (after all other reconstructions speak of a Vince McMahon willing to "push him up like the Moon").

But there remains the feeling of a less euphoric atmosphere around Keith Lee, after the perhaps too bombastic start in Payback. Where, at the debut in ppv, a victory as prestigious as it is indisputable arrived.

Rumors on Keith Lee

After the feat against Randy Orton, in fact, Meltzer and Alvarez talked about a Vince McMahon not so impressed by his new Superstar after the match (even if he won) against a Dolph Ziggler who continues to represent "the litmus test" for the ex NXT Champion moved to the main roster (same happened to Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode).

To have suffered an RKO, although not pinned, in the Triple Threat Match that determined Drew McIntyre's next challenger would have done the rest. The two names historically linked to the Observer now therefore expect a Keith Lee not already in the smell of midcard, but still quiet in the group of reference fighters on Raw.

The risk, however, is that he turns into a support character compared to the actual main eventers. While waiting for new plans to define his future more clearly and above all in the hope that Vince McMahon will not reject it even more severely and well before what everyone hoped or hoped for.

Lee reached the peak of his career after becoming the first wrestler in history to hold both belts in WWE's development brand. Limitless pinned Adam Cole in a Winner takes all match at the revived Great American Bash special.

Yet Keith Lee stunned the WWE universe by voluntarily relinquishing the North American title to provide opportunities to other superstars. McIntyre will face Orton at Clash of Champions on September 27. Fans are convinced Lee will rock up to confirm himself as the latest heel.