*Spoiler* Ivar to undergo neck surgery

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*Spoiler* Ivar to undergo neck surgery

In the latest episodes of the WWE red flag show, Monday Night Raw, we saw how Ivar of the Viking Raiders suffered an unspecified injury, which initially seemed to involve the right leg and which instead apparently concerns a much more delicate area for a wrestler: the neck.

After forfeiting his team match of the last episode of Raw alongside teammate Erik, Apollo Crews and Ricochet, with the bearded athlete who had in fact immediately alarmed the medical staff by making the X sign with his arms, after an abrupt fall outside the WWE square, would seem to have significantly worsened the athlete's medical situation, with a delicate surgical operation that would now be necessary for the Viking of the red show.

Update on Ivar

According to what was revealed by the well-known overseas site, Wrestling Observer, through the words of the well-known journalist Bryan Alvarez, the injury of Ivar of the Viking Raiders would be much more important and delicate than expected, with the former NXT tag team champion and of the main roster, which will in fact soon undergo a delicate surgery in the area affected by the injury.

Apparently, the wrestler had been suffering from neck-related problems for a long time, with the latest Monday Night Raw "flight" delivering the final blow to the athlete. According to what Alvarez said with certainty, as early as tomorrow, Ivar will undergo neck surgery at the medical offices in Birmingham, Alabama, where WWE athletes have often operated on in recent years.

At the moment, it's still unclear how long the bearded Raw athlete will be out, with his partner Erik now appearing to have been abandoned, with WWE may now no longer have any single plans for him. In recent days, Ivar, however, wanted to thank all his fans, colleagues and professionals for the support, interest and concern they have addressed to him in these days, with the athlete who wanted to express these thanks with a beautiful message posted on his official Twitter profile.

Per Meltzer in last week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Ivar's history of neck issues complicates matters. Fingers crossed he takes however long is necessary to get fully healthy. Ivar's partner, Erik, didn't fare well in his partner's absence last night, falling to Bobby Lashley in about two minutes on Raw.

WWE's habit of not using healthy tag team members while their other half is on the treatment table muddies Erik's status until Ivar returns.