*Spoiler* Zelina Vega steps up to challenge Asuka

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*Spoiler* Zelina Vega steps up to challenge Asuka

In one of the most anticipated matches of the crackling episode of Monday Night Raw that aired recently on 14th September, female champion Asuka and rival Mickie James battled for the title. Weeks after struggling with the duo of Sasha Banks and Bayley, the Japanese wrestler challenged the superstar who recently returned to the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) world in a very balanced match.

The challenge has seen Mickie James repeatedly put the champion in difficulty, close in a couple of circumstances even to succumb and give up the title, but at a certain point in the match something quite inexplicable happened.

The Empress of Tomorrow tried to end the match with a final move, but Mickie rolled over and had a great chance to end the match. Suddenly, however, the referee stopped the match when it seemed that the challenger had taken the reins and left the title to Asuka thanks to the referee stop.

According to the referee, Mickie James could no longer continue the match, a choice that is very controversial given the athlete's situation in the race. At the end of the match, which ended in a very convoluted way, Zelina Vega then intervened: a few minutes before the wrestler had intervened angry calling to order a Garza intent on courting Lana and then intervening in the umpteenth clash between Garza himself and Andrade with the two who, after a verbal dispute, began to beat each other up leaving the woman furious.

As a result Zelina Vega, fed up with this complicated situation, decided to take a personal initiative just for her.

Zelina Vega steps up to challenge Asuka

The wrestler intervened at the end of the match saying she was among the best ever and ready for Asuka: often everyone tends to underestimate her, but now she feels ready to challenge her.

This particular and unusual segment then ended with Asuka who left incomprehensible sentences (as often happens to him) and hit Zelina with a slap. Subsequently, Vega immediately fled to avoid a new attack by the Japanese. We will see in the coming weeks in the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) if this will be the beginning of a new feud for the title between Vega and Asuka.

Zelina Vega said that she’s done wasting her time trying to manage those “ingrates” and said Asuka was so busy on the superstars of yesterday that she’d forgotten some of the best stars of today like her. Asuka fired back a response and got slapped for her efforts.