*Spoiler* Seth Rollins defeats Dominik Mysterio in an incredible steel cage match

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*Spoiler* Seth Rollins defeats Dominik Mysterio in an incredible steel cage match

In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, the umpteenth episode of the feud between the Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins and the Mysterio family was held and once again Rey's son, Dominik Mysterio, took to the ring.

The two in this bombastic episode of the red show faced off in a Steel Cage Match.

The post-match angle with Seth Rollins, Murphy, and Dominik Mysterio

From the first moments in the ring Dominik Mysterio has tried to be aggressive but immediately Buddy Murphy passes a Kendo Stick to Seth Rollins who begins to take a substantial advantage against his opponent.

After a while Dominik overturns the situation and uses the kendo Stick to attack Rollins but after a hard fight Rollins manages to get the better and wins the match also thanks to a series of Curb Stomp. After the match Rollins then has a hard verbal confrontation with his "adept" Buddy Murphy and crashes him into the cage to berate him for the job he didn't actually do.

Bad blow instead for Dominik and at the end of the match all his family entered the ring to ascertain his conditions. In the meantime, Seth Rollins' future in WWE could change momentarily: according to reports from Ringside News, the former Universal champion of the McMahon company should take a break from the physical action of the WWE around the date of the birth of the first child with Seth Rollins who should disappear from the red show in the period concerning the Survivor Series PPV which will take place as usual in November.

The precise date of the birth of the Rollins - Lynch couple's son has not yet been made official but the month in which the happy event should take place is December. At the moment, none of the federation has confirmed these recent rumors.

Seth Rollins will take a break to be close to his family and his wife in one of the happiest moments of their visit together. Although this news is not yet official, it would seem that the first news regarding this surprising exit from the scene would have arrived last weekend with Rollins who would have already spoken with some executives to know how to behave.

While Dominik Mysterio was being tended to by his family after his loss, Seth Rollins seemingly embraced Murphy for a moment before viciously assaulting him. With Austin Theory back in NXT, AoP released from WWE, and Murphy now "exiled" from the group, Seth Rollins is by himself again.