Vince McMahon dislike of two wrestlers could see them demoted?

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Vince McMahon dislike of two wrestlers could see them demoted?

Vince McMahon is the one who makes the most important decisions within the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and especially recently it has been emphasized how the chairman of the federation wants to put the word on every decision concerning one of the three rosters present in the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Consequently, it is clear that getting "in the good graces" of the owner of the federation is very important and at the same time not being can prove to be a very dangerous situation for any wrestler.

The two wrestlers disliked by Vince McMahon

In the course of one of the latest episodes of Wrestling Observer Radio, the well-known reporter specialized in wrestling, Dave Meltzer, said that there are two wrestlers who are unwelcome to the owner of the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and that in the coming months they could be put in second place than expected in the company's roster.

At the same time, Meltzer revealed that Aleister Black and Andrade, the two wrestlers in question, were highly regarded by former Raw Creative Director Paul Heyman. Here are the specific words of Meltzer: "I was told that Aleister Black and Andrade can get in trouble since Vince, compared to what Paul Heyman thought, does not look favorably on the two fighters" A further indiscretion revealed that with the separation of Andrade from Selina Vega (which took place in the last episode of Monday Night Raw) the wrestler could be put even more in the background.

We don't know what will happen but what awaits the young wrestler may not be very positive. In addition to being the owner of the Worlwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Vince McMahon has a priority role within the federation and is sometimes forced to make decisions that are not pleasing to wrestlers or the WWE Universe such as what happened this April when, due to the Pandemic, the company chairman was forced to make some cuts like that of legends like Kurt Angle or wrestlers like Rusev.

Furthermore, for the attitude held during this period of pandemic Vince McMahon has received several criticisms from the experts. The company has also taken several hits on the popularity scale but McMahon has found a way to persevere.

There have been several innovations and developments, both away from the ring and in terms of storylines, which could help the WWE resurrect its flagging rating and recreate the magic it once held over fans.