Booker T announces he's tested positive for novel virus

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Booker T announces he's tested positive for novel virus

After the online emergence of several admissions by WWE staff about testing positive for Coronavirus that has put the whole world on its knees for several months, now even the commentator, as well as the Hall of Famer of the McMahon company, Booker T has admitted to testing positive, leaving a long message for his fans, friends and colleagues about the matter.

In fact, Booker T is not the first WWE insider to test positive for the virus, with Renee Young, AJ Styles, Jamie Noble and many others who have already admitted in recent weeks that they have battled the disease, including the legendary The Rock.

Booker T reveals that he had not known about his infection to date

In a long monologue released to the microphones of his radio show, Hall of Fame, the former WCW champion said he tested positive for the virus in June, but until now no one had ever warned the former wrestler.

In his long chat, Booker T said: "They called me today from the CDC and told me I tested positive for COVID at the end of June. I never got the results. But they only called me today, I can assure you, to tell me that at the end of June I had tested positive.

I took three more tests after that and they all came back negative. This shows how wrong our system is. People try to know if they are sick or not. And I'm living proof, thank God I'm still here. Luckily I have a healthy immune system, but I could still be the one in 200,000 people who didn't know they had it and could attack it on their neighbor.

It is much bigger than you imagine. I knew what I was going to run into a couple of weeks ago. I had a big headache. I sweated for two whole nights. I lost my taste and smell for two weeks. Thank God, I was smart enough to self-quarantine away from my family.

I've been away from everyone. I was there for a couple of weeks, until I felt better and everything was already past. My taste is back too, but I've still been far enough away from my family for a while. Thank God I did, because otherwise I could now be like The Rock, with all his family infected, without even knowing it."

It is really uplifting that Booker T is feeling better after contracting the virus that is threatening the entire world.