WWE starting storyline with Buddy Murphy and Rey Mysterio's daughter?

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WWE starting storyline with Buddy Murphy and Rey Mysterio's daughter?

The latest Monday Night Raw advertising campaigns have given interesting insights into the future of Aalyah Mysterio, daughter of Rey Mysterio and sister of Dominik. According to the latest rumors, the girl could become a regular presence on the screens of the red show.

At the end of the Steel Cage Match staged between Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio on Monday Night Messiah unleashed his anger on his disciple and threw him near the cage. Aalyah, for her part, observed the scene from outside the ring and seemed apprehensive.

This particular moment that the cameras showed increased rumors about the two athletes and even among fans it was hypothesized of a sensational relationship in the future between the two. During Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed this and Alvarez talked about the possibility that Rey's daughter could betray her family and ally with Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy.

Update on Buddy Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio

Regarding this, Meltzer said: "I think that's the idea or something similar. Somehow Aalyah is making a relationship with Murphy and in the next few weeks this can develop."

According to what the two journalists have gathered, this feud between Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy and the Mysterio family could even go on to WrestleMania. Aalyah could fully enter this feud and could even play a key role by tying herself to Buddy Murphy.

The feud between Rey Mysterio, his family and Seth Rollins has been going on for months with the Monday Night Messiah who initially knocked out with an eye injury Rey and later his son Dominik debuted in WWE trying to avenge what he was happened to his father.

Now it seems that this long feud will still have a long course and will involve other particular protagonists. Rey Mysterio's contract with WWE had also recently expired and several weeks passed before the Mexican-born wrestler renewed his deal with Vince McMahon's federation.

According to some rumors, Dominik's permanent presence in the federation was one of his father Rey's main requests for renewal. Rey Mysterio's only daughter just turned 19 on August 20 while Murphy will turn 32 on September 26.

This is a much different time in WWE, but Brooke Hogan was just 18 when she kissed Randy Orton during the July 31, 2006 RAW show. Orton was 26. Monday night's RAW featured a moment where Aalyah Mysterio stopped to check on Murphy at ringside as her family entered the steel cage to be with Dominik Mysterio following his loss to Seth Rollins. Murphy was down on the ground because Rollins attacked him after the loss.