The reason for botched finish to Asuka vs. Mickie James match revealed

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The reason for botched finish to Asuka vs. Mickie James match revealed

As we amply saw during the latest episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on 14th September, Asuka managed to defeat her challenger under the title Mickie James, thus holding onto her title of world champion of the red show, with a match that had a daring and uncertain ending, with the referee who ended the contest without a pin and without a real and visible submission by James.

In fact, many of the fans of the WWE Universe wondered what really happened during the match between the two now historic athletes of the red show of the Stamford company, with Mickie James who would have lost his titled chance due to a probable referee error, which now seems to have been corrected more clearly by the words of the well-known Observer journalist: Bryan Alvarez.

The reason for botched finish to Asuka vs. Mickie James match revealed

According to the well-known journalist of the Wrestling Observer, in fact, the referee of the contest would have wronged the calculations of the final contest for the Raw Women's Champion title due to an alleged injury, with Mickie James who should not have lost the title in that circumstance, but apparently she is said to have been "screwed" by the referee, who declared her inability to continue the match.

As reported by the journalist in one of the latest WON updates, in fact: "From what has come out from internal sources, the referee has screwed everything up. I don't have many details on the matter. I was told by three different people that it was the referee who screwed everything up."

From what emerged after Alvarez's update, it would appear that the referee understood that Mickie James was injured, so given that in WWE the motto is "health first", the referee is said to have decided to end the contest immediately, so as to be able to immediately rescue the girl, who apparently would be healthy as a fish.

In spite of everything, it would seem that the match would still end with a defeat of James, so the referee would have simply anticipated "the invite" This still doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Did the ref think Asuka forgot how to work and actually locked on the submission? Or went into business for herself and attempted to choke Mickie James out? The safety of the performers should always be paramount so we can't blame him for stopping the match if he genuinely believed something was wrong, but it's a strange one for sure.