Why Dabba Kato came to Raw Underground with a new name

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Why Dabba Kato came to Raw Underground with a new name

In recent weeks, one of the faces of Raw Underground that has made the fans of the WWE Universe chat the most, has certainly been the gigantic Dabba Kato, also seen in a segment with former Universal Champion Braun Strowman in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, with Shane McMahon who is said to have stopped the two from giving them a good reason, instead arranging a match between the two giants for next week.

Apparently, the giant with the crest before landing in the black ring of Raw Underground, was used by the WWE in the NXT rings, with the mastdontic athlete who had never made his official debut on the yellow brand square, until that McMahon have not decided to insert it in the new format presented by Shane on Monday Night Raw.

Why Dabba Kato came to Raw Underground with a new name

According to the reporters of the ever-present Wrestling Observer, WWE would have deliberately changed the name of the Raw Underground wrestler to give him one owned by WWE itself, with the old reference name of Dabba which was instead his real birth name.

which the Stamford federation leadership could never get their hands on. In his old stint, in fact, Dabba Kato was still called Babatunde Aiyegbusi, which is nothing more than the athlete's birth name and the one with which he is called by friends and relatives.

To prevent the athlete from becoming very famous in the WWE rings, and then perhaps in the future to separate his path with that of the Stamford-located company to land in one of the competing companies, such as All Elite Wrestling, Vince McMahon and associates look to have seen fit to completely change the name of the big boy, making him now Dabba Kato.

This is nothing new for WWE, which has changed almost every name of its new wrestlers who debuted in its rings, except for a few sporadic names that had already become very famous in other realities, such as AJ Styles, CM Punk, Samoa Joe and a few others.

All the new WWE Superstars who land in the McMahon rings for the first time, in fact, receive a new name owned entirely by the Stamford federation, which will thus be able to use the rights for all the years to come and Miro, Matt Cardona, Brodie Lee and everyone else know something.

He was the 31st elimination, tossed out by Braun Strowman after almost 6 minutes in the match. It’s interesting that Strowman eliminated Babatunde in the Greatest Royal Rumble Match as Strowman vs. Dabba-Kato in a RAW Underground fight has been announced for next Monday night. They began their feud on last night’s show.