Bray Wyatt says his brother Bo Dallas is a better worker than him

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Bray Wyatt says his brother Bo Dallas is a better worker than him

One of the many American families completely rooted in the world of pro-wrestling, is that of the Rotunda, with sons best known in the WWE rings as Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt. The two, who are part of the next generation of the legendary IRS, Mike Rotunda, who appeared in WWE as early as the early 1980s and who built his character over several years, to be remembered above all for his victory of the couple titles of the company, flanked by the great Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase.

All three athletes, in fact, fought in WWE, with the father of the two boys who has been retired for some time and who together with the cousins and uncle of Bo and Bray, make up one of the families that is most dedicated to professional wrestling in North America.

Bray Wyatt on Bo Dallas

Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling recently spoke to Mike Rotunda about his sons and the legacy that his family will leave on WWE. He said that even Bray Wyatt says that Bo Dallas is a better worker for him.

WWE just hasn’t been able to figure out what to do with him yet. “I don’t know. I think the fact that we all got a chance to work for WWE which is the biggest wrestling company in the world says something right there.

Windham has had an opportunity to be World Champion a couple of times. I’m sure he will do it again. Taylor (Bo Dallas) even had an opportunity to be Tag Team Champion. I think Bo has a lot of ability. Even his brother will say that he’s a better worker than he is but hopefully they will figure out something that works for him and enhances his career.

He’s worked there quite a while and has a lot of ability. They need to figure out something to capitalize on that”. Apparently, after the hiatus taken by the wrestler himself in December last year, Bo Dallas would have completely disappeared from the WWE screens, with his name not appearing in the list of layoffs made in April by WWE, unlike of his father who was removed from the role of road agent by the McMahons.

We will see if in the near future the management of the Stamford federation will find some storyline where to place the former NXT Champion, or if his destiny is inexorably linked to a future release from the McMahon company.

Bo Dallas took a hiatus in December of last year, and fans haven’t seen him since. We’ll have to see what’s next for him, but Dallas’ name was not called with those April 15th cuts like his father’s was.