The Undertaker's new fight is with daughter on WWE 2K Battlegrounds

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The Undertaker's new fight is with daughter on WWE 2K Battlegrounds

2020 has been and still is a focal year for The Undertaker's career. The Phenom officially returned to WrestleMania, where he soundly and unquestionably defeated AJ Styles, a two-time highly decorated WWE Champion who had dominated the previous four years.

However, he did it in a match that divided public opinion from the ground up: we are obviously talking about that Boneyard Match that has amused many and as many has indignant, for a cinematic and partly trash-comedy component that certainly has removed a another veil of legend from the image of the Phenom.

Then there was also The Last Ride, the serial documentary in which his retirement was "formalized", despite the fact that Undertaker himself had not said in completely clear words that he will never again enter the wrestling ring.

In the meantime, a very long contract renewal with WWE had also taken place, to make clear his bond with the company destined to last for years and years. But now Undertaker's "humanization" process has experienced a new stage.

Which, like the previous ones, could soften some but also be terribly painful for others.

The Undertaker, from WWE wrestling rings to WWE video games

Undertaker has in fact been chosen by WWE as testimonial for the launch of WWE 2K Battlegrounds, the videogame that this year will replace the inevitable title that is launched every year in the fall.

Much more excessive, colorful and "childish" than its predecessors, this video game represents a break with the recent past. And who better than Undertaker could present the first images? Too bad that in this case , too, the "new version" of The Undertaker has been proposed as an ordinary man, very far from the role of the Deadman who for almost exactly thirty years (the anniversary will fall at the Survivor Series) has terrified generations of wrestlers and fans.

So there he is seen having fun on the sofa at home with his daughter and Michelle McCool. And it is easy to imagine that these images of good old Taker with his little daughter by his side, will be destined to divide fans' opinions.