WWE's plans for Retribution concretised, new storyline expected for the hooded stable

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WWE's plans for Retribution concretised, new storyline expected for the hooded stable

In recent weeks, the new stable Retribution, after having perpetrated the most disparate attacks on all WWE insiders, from athletes to maintenance workers, up to the audience of the Performance Center, is said to have begun to make people understand something more of their own nature and has even started to launch some live messages, from the backstage of the federation's Monday Night Show: Raw.

Apparently, even the management of the McMahon-owned company now seems to have a little clearer idea, with the identities of Retribution's athletes who hide under the hood.

Who are the real members of the hooded stable called Retribution?

Apparently, according to what was revealed by the always ready Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, WWE is intending to keep the members of Raw's Retribution hooded a little longer, with the storyline that sees them as protagonists that could soon explode, making understand why the black-clad athletes would be so angry with the Stamford-based company and everyone who works there.

The main participants in the stable, however, are said to have been made official and are are said to be: Dominik Dijakovic, Shane Thorne, the former commentator of Raw Dio Maddin, Mercedes Martinez and Mia Yim. Although in recent weeks the WWE has also used Mojo Rawley on-screen, in the last appointments of the red show, the athlete has not appeared under the shoes of one of the members of the stable, a sign that Vince McMahon and associates would have changed their mind about its use.

As reported by the well-known Observer journalist: "On Raw they made a promo in which they said that the stable is made up of talents who were embittered for having passed by the Performance Center without having had an opportunity and a chance they thought.

to deserve. As reported last week, the decision was made to keep this angle only on Raw." Also according to the well-known journalist, this whole storyline could lead to a great match in Survivor Series, where the Retribution could have the long-awaited match.

which we have all been hoping for for some time, with the WWE that will most likely put them against a team of athletes on the main roster, who will have to defend the honor of the various brands from yet another attack by the hooded stable.