Melina reportedly returning to WWE soon

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Melina reportedly returning to WWE soon

One of the former WWE champions who is talked a lot about her performances in the McMahon-owned rings but above all for her explosive beauty, is the former manager of MNM, a huge successful tag team of the early 2000s in the Smackdown ring, with the team made up of John Morrison (who at the time called himself Johnny Nitro) and Joey Mercuy, who were accompanied to the ring by Melina Perez, an explosive athlete on the Smackdown roster.

After winning several tag team titles, both in the OVW and Smackdown rings, Melina and the MNM have seen fit to separate, with the beautiful and junoesque athlete who has also managed to win several female titles in the Raw and Smackdown, with his WWE record that has grown dramatically.

Melina is reportedly returning to WWE in the near future

Already a few months ago, the hypothesis that Melina could return to the rings of the Stamford company was feared due to a strong interest in her by various executives of the company, with her contract that linked her to the NWA, which however prevented immediate transfer to the McMahon rings.

According to what was reported in the last few hours by PW Insider, however, this contract that tied the former WWE champion to the NWA rings would no longer be a problem, with his rapprochement with the WWE that would once again be a very h*t topic in the management of the company by Stamford.

In one of the latest updates reported by the well-known wrestling site, in fact: "There was a great deal of interest in Perez earlier this year, with WWE wanting to include her in the 2020 Women's Royal Rumble at all costs, but at the time, she was still under contract with the NWA.

with an important agreement. At the moment, however, this agreement is over." Apparently, Melina;s return to the WWE TV screens, would be hypothesized by some insiders even as early as next week, with the now 41-year-old who could thus return to tread the rings that made her famous after years of absence.

Melina is a former 5x women’s champion in WWE. She won the Divas title on 2 occasions and on 3 occasions she won the WWE Women’s title. In 2009, Melina achieved her highest ranking from Pro Wrestling Illustrated when she was ranked the #3 female performer in the world by the publication.

Before embarking on her own singles career, Melina was one of the Ms in the tag-team MNM. Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro (aka John Morrison) comprised the team. The tag-team are 3x former WWE tag team champions.