*Spoiler* Sasha Banks breaks silence after vicious assault from Bayley

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*Spoiler* Sasha Banks breaks silence after vicious assault from Bayley

After a short period of absence, Sasha Banks returned to be seen in SmackDown and in a long and intense speech on the microphone she spoke to former friend Bayley. So we have her explanation in storyline on how she lived the separation from the one who accompanied her for so many years, winning with her the belts of female champions both for face and heel.

Now, however, the long-awaited separation has been completed definitively, with the feud between the two that after years is ready to materialize (moreover with the title of SmackDown champion up for grabs). So here's how the Boss recounted Bayley's betrayal from her point of view: "She was using me, and now I'm just useless to her.

I've heard every single word Bayley said last week, and I can't help but. be full of emotion as I sit here at the Performance Center. A place that we built, a place where we trained every single day together. Talking about our dreams, talking about our goals, talking about what we wanted to do together."

What could be in store for Sasha Banks and Bayley?

In her intense speech, Sasha Banks retraced the collapse of friendship in recent weeks: "We walked around these rooms just to talk about everything we have achieved so far.

All summer, here at the Performance Center, we have shown the world Told the world we'd take over the whole damn company, together. Now, when I walk these halls, when I go to the locker room, when I see all these girls coming here now, it's because we did it together.

All these rooms, all our photos, all our posters, all our successes, all our awards, we did all this together. If these walls could talk, how many things could they tell you" Then the words directed personally to Bayley: "I came here this week to answer your questions.

You would like me to say that I think you are some kind of idiot, that I think you are naive. Bayley, I know you are watching this video and you're damn right. You're an idiot, you're naive. Because you're nothing without me.

You're nothing without me." There is definitely going to be an intense rivalry between Sasha Banks and Bayley. However, it won’t be happening anytime soon. Bayley will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Nikki Cross at WWE Clash of Champions.

Cross overcame Tamina, Lacey Evans, and her best friend Alexa Bliss to gain a shot at the title. If anything has to happen in the Sasha- Bayley rivalry, it will only be after Clash of Champions. In fact, there is a very high possibility that the two will collide inside Hell in a Cell.