Vince McMahon compares WWE's Zelina Vega to...

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Vince McMahon compares WWE's Zelina Vega to...

There appears to be a new star in Raw's women's division, and her name is Zelina Vega. The Muñeca, after so many years as manager (with mixed fortunes) of the various Angel Garza, Austin Theory and above all Andrade, in the last episode of the red show seems to have definitely entered a collision course with the champion Asuka.

And apparently it is no coincidence: behind her real push as a wrestler, none other than Vince McMahon would hide. Zelina Vega herself explained this unexpected boom, in her recent speech on 'Table Talk', the podcast edited by D-Von Dudley.

And right here she revealed the very important compliments that Vince McMahon has recently reserved for her. "Before the quarantine came," said Zelina, "Vince always said that I'm one of his favorites. He even defined me as one of the reasons why he watches Raw.

He says he loves my character. Hearing him say these things was a great honor."

Vince McMahon is a big Zelina Vega fan

Zelina Vega then added a detail that she claims almost moved her: "One of the things he told me was that I remind him of Stephanie [McMahon].

Which I remind him of when she was busy working like crazy for company, and explained that he likes me because I'm an indefatigable war machine. After these words I was about to cry. Because the truth is that I love Steph, he's a great source of inspiration for me and my character."

A Vince McMahon, in short, who has found a sort of "Latin adopted daughter" in Zelina Vega and for this reason the push could now be remarkable. "I can't help thinking, though, that if it hadn't been for quarantine it would have been different.

I wonder where I would be right now, and I don't think I would be in a position to ask for a match for the title of Raw champion against. Asuka." A small spoiler, as Paul Heyman (another well-known supporter of Zelina Vega's work) would say, which confirms how Andrade's manager is really close to that titled match that just a few months ago would have seemed unthinkable.

Vega also says that Paul Heyman was a big supporter of her’s back when he was still working on Raw. Despite all these powerful supporters, Zelina knows she might not be in her current spot if it weren’t for the “prevailing circumstances”. She also seems to confirm a rumor in the process (not that it’s a big surprise after last Monday).