Has WWE placed signs that Drew McIntyre might drop title?

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Has WWE placed signs that Drew McIntyre might drop title?

After the huge victory against the WWE Beast, Brock Lesnar, in Orlando at Wrestlemania 36, where Drew McIntyre finally managed after several years of career with WWE and beyond, to reach the highest peak as a pro-wrestler, it seems that the days of the Scotsman's reign might be numbered.

According to some important clues reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, quite authoritative source of the pro-wrestling world, albeit with some uncertainty that has emerged in the past, WWE would be thinking of a new champion to be crowned in that of Clash of Champions or shortly after.

Rumors on Drew McIntyre

As revealed by the well-known journalist to the microphones of one of the usual updates to the microphone of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE would be doing everything to get to next year's edition of Wrestlemania with champion Randy Orton, to have the long-awaited showdown between the company Viper and the Rated R Superstar.

Also according to Meltzer, some details seen in the rings of Monday Night Raw, would lead to think that the winner in the match with the Clash of Champions ambulance will be the Legend Killer, with the reigning champion who will come out defeated or with perhaps the interference of Keith Lee in the match, (which will make him a triple threat), who will cover the back of the maximum champion, not making him lose clean.

According to Meltzer, the choice of the special stipulation was purposely made by WWE to justify a possible defeat of the apparently invincible Scot who belongs to the Raw's rings. As reported in one of the latest newsletters from Meltzer, in fact: "Some signs have been placed, like his clean defeat (Orton's) in the middle of the rematch construction and his defeat with Lee in the last PPV.

In addition, there has been a lot of talk about Wrestlemania's already planned Orton vs Edge match, with next year's contention being for the title." The odd defeats Orton suffered, according to the Observer reporter are said to have been "placed" in a strategic way by the Stamford-based federation, with a victory of the absolute title of the red show by the Legend Killer that would be so even more surprising for the home fans who will follow the PPV of next September 27th.

It was also noted that an ambulance match also protects Drew McIntyre. He can lose the title in a gimmick match like that, and he won’t lose any heat by taking a pinfall loss.