Vince McMahon hated WWE SmackDown match

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Vince McMahon hated WWE SmackDown match

During the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown which aired like every week on the FOX channel in America, WWE continued many of its storylines in view of the federation's next ppv, Clash Of Champions. Among the many matches seen during the evening, there was also the one that involved the couple champions of the evening, Cesaro and Nakamura, with the Swiss who saw it in a fairly quick contest against the member of the Lucha House Party, Gran Metalik, with the Swiss who got the better of the contest, managing to neutralize his opponent with his finisher par excellence, the Neutralizer.

Apparently, however, the match is said to have been liked so little by the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon, and he was wanting with every fibre of his being to cut the end of the contest, wanting to close it well in advance of the schedule.

As reported by some journalists of the well-known overseas site Ringside News, the WWE patron is said to have literally gone into a rage for the progress of the match that involved Cesaro and Gran Metalik, with Vince McMahon himself who is said to have started screaming in the headphones to communicate with the experts at the ringside and with the referee, to try to speed up the end of the contest, so as to put an end to this havoc.

Vince McMahon hated WWE SmackDown match

According to some internal sources close to the Chairman, Vince would have so little appreciated the performance of the two athletes that he literally requested that the match end with the advertisement that was still on the air, so that once back on the channel, Smackdown would have gone directly forward, without the fans knowing how the match ended.

Despite everything, in the end Vince McMahon seems to have rethought it, not ending the contest during the commercial, but cutting only 4 minutes from the final segment of the match. It is also unknown what was the detail that triggered the WWE patron in front of the match, with Cesaro and Gran Metalik who will probably have suffered a good wash of the head when they return backstage.

A member of the creative team with close knowledge of the situation told us Vince McMahon was “screaming on headset that he hated the Cesaro match”. McMahon also wanted to “go home” during the break.

Instead of ending the match during the commercial, Vince McMahon “ended up cutting four minutes” from the second segment of the match. We’re not sure what Vince McMahon didn’t like about Cesaro vs Gran Metalik, but he hated something.

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura will defend the SmackDown Tag Team titles against The Lucha House party at Clash of Champions. This is an interesting booking decision as the Lucha House party seem to be showing signs of dissension.

It is also probably worth noting that Vince McMahon hated Cesaro and Gran Metalik’s match during SmackDown so much that he wanted to “go home” during the commercial break.