What does WWE have in store for Otis?

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What does WWE have in store for Otis?

WWE has always been a federation with a roster packed with highly-successful talents and with the advent of Otis a particular superstar has come along that none of the fans expected. In addition, his romantic storyline with Mandy Rose intrigued all the fans and it all started when things were getting closer to WrestleMania 36.

While most of the story takes place without an audience, the numbers on YouTube and social media suggest that very few challenges have seen as interesting feedback as this one in 2020. WWE noticed this and Vince McMahon was so impressed that he decided to make Otis Mr, Money in the Bank 2020.

WWE and its plans for Otis and Mandy Rose

What aroused curiosity is the situation linked to Otis after his briefcase victory with the WWE which, at the moment, has never led Otis to be among the protagonists. Apart from The Miz and John Morrison who use loopholes to try to steal his briefcase, the plans for Otis always seem to be pretty meager.

Over the course of Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer told Bryan Alvarez that WWE has no plans for Mr. Money in the Bank and this is just one way to try and keep the briefcase away from Otis. Here are his words: "So The Miz and [John] Morrison are doing the 'Dirtsheet' and Otis comes out and beats them both up and they're trying to rile up Otis by saying 'Mandy Rose is on RAW and all those RAW guys are going to be after her and she's going to drop Otis.

And Dolph is on RAW, and they used to date' and so Otis comes out and beats the s**t out of both of them. And Morrison is just looking at Miz, who's like "Yeah he fell into our plan!", and Morrison obviously didn't know what the plan was.

But the plan is that between the first segment and the fifth segment, The Miz had a lawyer draft a lawsuit for unsafe working conditions, which is the old Shawn Michaels gimmick. They're suing Otis but they'll drop the lawsuit if he gives up the briefcase.

Either they're going to sue or the deal here is, 'We got no idea how to get the briefcase off Otis, so this is how we're going to get it off him. And that's what it is.' " Meltzer reported that WWE's plans for the current champions include very long titles for both Drew McIntyre and especially Roman Reigns and therefore Otis risks losing his briefcase. To summarise, in other words, the chances of Otis becoming world champion are really quite slim.