Update on WWE Clash of Champions 2020

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Update on WWE Clash of Champions 2020

One of the storylines that is taking place in Moday Night Raw every Monday night, is certainly the one that involves the WWE Champion in office, Drew McIntyre, his arch rival Randy Orton and the newly transferred to the red show from NXT, Keith Lee.

The three, in the last few weeks, have in fact seen each other, with different attacks from behind or face to face, which led WWE Universe fans to want a perfect final battle between all three athletes. , perhaps in the next ppv of the company: Clash of Champions.

Although a triple threat match has not yet been announced in the next special event of the federation, nor for the moment Keith Lee is announced for the match, it is very likely that the management of the company may eventually institute a three-way match and not just two.

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News on Clash of Champions

As seen during the last episodes of the flagship show of the McMahon company, the situation around the maximum title of Raw is somewhat stormy, with Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre that they would have given a good reason to go to the hospital, with the Orton's participation in the ppv that would seem to have been questioned and with the mammoth Keith Lee who instead entered by force in the titled scene.

According to reports from the Wrestling Observer reporters, it seems that the direction followed by WWE is precisely that of having a three-way match in Clash of Champions, with Drew McIntyre who will put his belt up for grabs in an Ambulance match, against both Orton that Lee.

The main motivation that would push the company to have such a match instead of a simple single match, is to be found in the desire of the management to change the owner of the title, with the defeat of McIntyre which should not necessarily be clean, but indeed could even be indirect, with the character who would undergo the "dirtiest job" that would in fact be Lee, for an Orton victory.

For the moment, however, there is still nothing official in these rumors, so we invite you to take everything with a grain of salt, waiting for further news from WWE itself. Clash of Champions will take place this weekend on September 27, with all the action kicking off at midnight for fans in the UK.

The WWE ThunderDome application will be opening up this week, although places are usually snapped up pretty sharpish – so let us talk you through the usual ways if that doesn’t work out. As ever, there will be a Kickoff show available on the WWE Network, WWE.com, the WWE app, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch at 11pm.