Roman Reigns to be the next Brock Lesnar?

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Roman Reigns to be the next Brock Lesnar?

One of the most important faces in recent WWE history is former Universal Champion and WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, who has just recently come out of the company's TV screens for not renewing his recently expired contract with the McMahons.

As seen in recent years, the Lesnar figure has been used by WWE as a near-exclusive special attraction of the company's Big Four or in a few other ppvs and specials of Monday Night Raw or Smackdown, with The Beast being one of the de facto Highest paid wrestlers in the history of the Stamford federation compared to the very few appearances made in the rings.

But now that Brock Lesnar is no longer working for WWE, who will be the company's new special attraction? As revealed by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, the leadership of the Stamford-based federation has already found a ruse to the great absence of Lesnar, who for a long time had also been used by the company as a "rating-saving", thanks to the impressive size of viewers brought by the former WWE Champion to follow the weekly shows and buy the company's PPVs with a simple appearance.

As reported by the words of Meltzer, in fact, Vince McMahon would have decided to propose Roman Reigns as the new indestructible "tank" of the company, a role that until recently played The Beast. This is the journalist's thought about the Clash of Champions match between the Universal Champion and his cousin Jey.

Update on Roman Reigns

"The two are likely to have a great match, as Uso is very talented but has never had a real chance to prove it in singles, but Reigns' gimmick looks like he will have some very quick wins that will lead him to be in a similar position to that of Lesnar, as the big star of the company, but with Reigns who will be much more present and at a much lower cost than the appearances actually made."

Although the athletic, aesthetic, physical and character differences are evident, WWE is still betting heavily on Roman Reigns, as it has never done since his last turn face, with Paul Heyman being the icing on the cake, which also took the Big Dog promos to another level, so as to truly become the absolute protagonist of the number one company in the world.

Roman Reigns has been groomed to be one of the most powerful performers in the game and has been around for quite some time. He is also widely popular among fans. The WWE Universal Champion was gone for a while in 2018 owing the return of leukemia which he had been battling against since 2007. However, he made a surprise return in February 2019 after the cancer was once again in remission.