WWE provides injury update on Sasha Banks

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WWE provides injury update on Sasha Banks

How's Sasha Banks? A question on several levels, given that the answer may concern her actual physical condition but also the plans of the WWE, which could "tread the hand" on her injuries for the sole purpose of keeping her away from the ring for some time waiting for her return.

on a permanent basis, with the showdown with Bayley which at that point will no longer be postponed. The fact is that the Boss this Friday came back to SmackDown to face her former best friend, and now bitter rival, who still holds the title of champion of SmackDown.

Bayley, however, did not remain silent and attacked her with a chair, initially hitting her in the back and then trapping her in the head without harming her colleague. All this, however, did not aggravate the physical condition of Sasha Banks, at least according to what was told by the WWE which revealed of a Boss who "did not suffer further injuries"

WWE provides injury update on Sasha Banks

However, it remains to be seen what are actually the "injuries" that Sasha Banks is facing, given that the WWE has never been clear on the subject. Further confirmation of the fact that very easily it is a simple narrative pretext to justify his absence and a triumphal return when he attempts the assault on Bayley's belt.

The champion, in fact, continues to have a titled match scheduled for September 27 and for Clash of Champions, when, however, she will face Nikki Cross. Speaking of Sasha Banks, however, WWE limited itself to saying that the wrestler "was transported to a nearby medical facility" (not a "hospital", one of the many words that Vince McMahon banned), only to be discharged.

and continue your recovery at home. Always assuming that there is an effective "recovery" to face, given that the impression is that a simple break is in progress before the final confrontation with Bayley. Following Bayley’s brutal attack on SmackDown, WWE released a kayfabe update on Sasha Banks’ condition.

That assault from the SmackDown Women’s Champion was intense, but The Boss sustained no further injuries. It seems WWE is preparing Bayley vs Sasha Banks for a long program. Let’s see how they end up booking this feud’s conclusion because both Banks and Bayley had a great year so far as allies.

Banks will likely have a lot to say to her best friend. What that means for Bayley's SmackDown Women's Championship and her match against Nikki Cross at Clash of Champions is unknown, but we'll learn more about the intentions of "The Boss" tonight.