USA Network executive was not happy about Paul Heyman’s removal

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USA Network executive was not happy about Paul Heyman’s removal

Just a few months ago, we brought you the news of the ouster of Paul Heyman as head of the creative team on Monday Night Raw, with Vince McMahon having decided to fire Paul Heyman as Executive Director of the WWE flag show, to give a shock.

to the consistently low ratings of the show, with Bruce Prichard effectively taking control of WWE's Monday night show as well as Friday Night Smackdown. Although the ratings and fans seem to have appreciated this change enough, which brought several news on the company's television screens, someone else among the insiders would have remained quite embittered, with the figure of the Mad Genius who would always work to send different overs guys who otherwise would never have found space on the main roster rings.

USA Network executive was not happy about Paul Heyman’s removal

Apparently, not only the wrestlers and the insiders would have been bitter and disappointed by the dismissal of Heyman as Director of Raw, even the now former director of SyFy and USA Network would have literally gone on a rampage at the news, with the maximum president of these TV broadcasters who in fact would have taken it out on the WWE for such a drastic change of course.

However, it is not known why the president of the channels has left his role, nor what this change will mean for WWE and the agreements made with the television networks, the certain thing is that Heyman's departure from the head of the creative team of Raw did not go all too well with president Chris McCumber, with the well-known site Ringside News which seems to have reported in the past few hours: "McCumber was known to be a very strong supporter of Paul Heyman and was not happy at all when Paul was removed from his role on Raw.

This change had been sold to him as an idea of ​​revolution due to declining ratings and to try to create a whole generation of new stars, but apparently he would have been very unhappy when the emphasis went down and as always they were only used the older stars.

As for the ratings that would have stabilized, according to him, the situation is still uncertain." Apparently, the solid link between WWE and the USA Network is expected to remain unchanged, pending the new president who could however bring new ideas and new resolutions also regarding the world of pro-wrestling.

USA Network likely won’t cancel RAW. The company still upset someone who they really didn’t want to rub the wrong way. USA Network still relied on WWE programming for some of their highest rated shows. As of right now it doesn’t seem that the company is in any danger at the Network, but as Ringside News reported a while ago the both Fox and USA Network are expecting ratings to improve.