Jerry Lawler on not having trained even a day in life

The WWE Hall of Famer had an interesting talk with Jim Ross regarding his health

by P. Johnson
Jerry Lawler on not having trained even a day in life

The history of WWE and its protagonists of a thousand battles is certainly studded with the most particular episodes and characters, with many of them coming to weigh or be much higher than the average world population or to have an unregulated diet, made up of thousands.

and thousands of calories a day, food that could meet the daily calory needs of at least 5 or 6 normal people. The last of the WWE athletes who for some years now hasn't fought in the McMahon rings, but who certainly hasn't lost his passion for this sport, is the company's Hall of Famer, Jerry "The King" Lawler , famous not only for his crown and his cape, also for having suffered a heart attack in a live episode of Monday Night Raw a few years ago, in which he was really "taken by the hair" by the medical staff of WWE, which saved his life after his last match for the company.

In his latest interview, the historic voice of the WWE flag show commentary table, along with the equally historic JR, wanted to tell some quirks of his lifestyle, of which he said:

Jerry Lawler reveals: "I've never trained in my life"

"Your body must be used to suffer specific abuse.

I have been wrestling on a regular basis for over 20 years, probably six or seven nights a week and every night I was lifted and thrown in the ring with a body slam. And maybe the one night I wasn't working I was going bowling and the next morning I would wake up and say, 'Oh my God, it all hurts.'

I have never even tasted a sip of beer, wine, whiskey, or any type of alcohol. Not even coffee." Apparently, in addition to always having an iron health, despite the aforementioned heart attack that almost killed him, the WWE Hall of Famer has always had an unbreakable temper.

In addition, Jerry Lawler whose nickname is "The King" will always be remembered for being one of the veterans of the WWE and of the world of wrestling, who never gave up on anything in his life, rising stronger and stronger from the challenges in which he was defeated.

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