Backstage news on Keith Lee

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Backstage news on Keith Lee

Most audiences have recently appeared displeased with WWE's choice to change her clothing and music after her debut on Monday Night Raw. In recent weeks The Limitless One has been involved in a storyline with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Legend Killer Randy Orton.

Speaking to the microphones of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Dave Meltzer speculated that the new Raw wrestler, coming from the NXT roster, could be involved in a challenge for the WWE Champion at Clash of Champions. At the same time there are rumors that there are no concrete ideas about the future of the wrestler.

Speaking about Keith Lee, well-known colleague Meltzer said: "There is no sense at all that WWE has major plans for Keith Lee. There is no plan for him and the only solution I think of for Keith Lee is an addition (or replacement) of the wrestler in the challenge between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton in Clash of Champions, but in that case Keith Lee would almost quit.

definitely defeated." In the next episode of Monday Night Raw there will be a new match between Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre, there is a lot at stake for The Limitless One and its future: if Randy Orton will not be able to participate in the next WWE Pay Per View, Keith Lee could be Scottish Psychopath's opponent.

Rumors on Keith Lee

There is great anticipation and WWE fans are hoping for a possible explosion like Main Di Keith Lee, a wrestler who perhaps so far has not met the expectations of all the professionals and supporters of the federation.

Keith Lee could therefore be yet another victim of the move from NXT to the Main roster with the responsibilities of Vince McMahon that this time could be even more evident than in the past. In recent weeks they have talked about it in Wrestling Observer but now they are all waiting to know the future of the athlete.

In one of his final matches on the brand, Keith Lee massively Powerbombed McIntyre, asserting his dominance. Later, when McIntyre invaded NXT along with the Raw team as a Survivor Series promo, he was once again stopped by a thunderous Keith Lee Powerbomb.

Recently, WWE pitted McIntyre against Keith Lee (then NXT Champion) in a Champion sparring session. This was a promo for WWE where the two engaged in some friendly ribbing. McIntyre highlighted the history between him and his opponent perfectly then.