Arn Anderson confims Alex Riley’s WWE push ended after an issue with John Cena

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Arn Anderson confims Alex Riley’s WWE push ended after an issue with John Cena

Throughout the history of WWE, there have been several disputes and several squabbles that have led many of the protagonists of the McMahon-owned rings to take alternative paths, some for an important reason some for a bit more futile, like many of the "first women"of the company that eventually asked for release or even did something to deserve it.

One of the most iconic and historical episodes of this kind, about which WWE Universe fans are still in doubt as to whether it was at least partially scripted or not, is the famous Montreal Screwjob, where Bret Hart was stripped of the maximum title of the then WWF, before its passage into the WCW rings, with the relationship between the McMahon company, the Chairman himself and the Canadian that was ruined for many, many years since then.

Over the past few years, there has also been a lot of talk about the case between WWE multi-champion John Cena and former manager/henchman of The Miz at the time of his WWE Championship title win, Alex Riley. Many times, in fact, there was talk online of the fact that the boy had raised his voice too much with the then leader of the WWE locker room, so much so that he received retaliation from several prominent WWE backstage members, which eventually led to his release.

In the latest installment of his podcast, The Arn Show, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson, who now works for AEW but was still a major WWE road agent at the time. Arn Anderson and Conrad talk about all of the news that was happening around that time and they cover the entire card including the Six-Pack Elimination Match for the WWE Championship, Kane vs.

The Undertaker in a No Holds Barred Match, Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz for the United States Championship and much more.

Arn Anderson on John Cena

“I think Alex had a good look. I think his work was ok. He’s seemed to gel well when they put him with The Miz.

But there’s a famous story that he was offered some help from John Cena and he seemed less than enthused or interested which would have immediately made it’s way back to the locker room and to the office. I’m sure it was around that time that his water got cut off”.

Arn Anderson revealed why Serena Deeb was let go by WWE in 2010 in the middle of the Straight Edge Society push: “Well, there was a rumor that something happened in L.A. that there was some episode that involved alcohol.

If you have a straight edge gimmick, there is really no gray area there. It’s either-or. It’s not, well I’ll have a couple occasionally. That was one of the times that they put their foot down and said you can’t be straight edge and not be straight edge.

But, my dealings with her was she was a tremendous talent, very coachable and a nice person. She just made a mistake”.