More details on backstage reaction to Retribution storyline

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More details on backstage reaction to Retribution storyline

As widely seen in the last episode of the WWE red show and as was widely reported previously, the famous Retribution stable that has done nothing but attack the rest of the McMahon federation roster in recent months, in the the episode aired on Monday, 21st September, on the company's flagship show has made numerous changes to its staff, complete with a new look and a signed contract with WWE itself.

Starting tonight, in fact, the five main members of the McMahon company's chaos stable are in effect Superstar/wrestler of the federation, with the five hooded ones now wearing strange masks that cover only part of their face and who by now they have discovered their identities, albeit using alternative names to those previously used at NXT.

More details on backstage reaction to Retribution storyline

Apparently, according to reports from the well-known overseas site Wrestle Votes, at the entrance to the stable with the new look and the new names, a thunderous laugh would have broken out in the backstage of the WWE, with a chorus of professionals, including wrestlers, creative team employees and road agents who would have totally mocked the stable for the embarrassing look and embarrassing ideas expressed with their characters.

As reported on the pages of the site, in fact: "Speaking to some inside sources who were in the arena last night, we were told that the presentation of the Retribution was a topic of discussion throughout the evening, complete with hysterical laughter that would accompany their entrances throughout the evening from backstage.

The words reported by these sources were in fact: 'The masks and the names have meant that the road for these boys already begins with an impossible climb.' " In practice, according to the sources that have expressed themselves to the journalists of the well-known site, the future of the five Raw guys would already be marked on their debut, with the aura of mystery that is slowly waning and with the new look and the names that would have already destined their future to oblivion in mid-carding, which will probably end their careers in the worst way, as has unfortunately already happened to several other colleagues.

Fightful also notes that a Smackdown talent mentioned that the brand was never told why Retribution became a RAW-only storyline, with the talent speculating that it had to do with RAW being a longer show. According to Fightful, other talents within the company admit that the whole storyline felt thrown together quickly without anyone being informed of the long-term plans for the group.