Drew McIntyre talks about WWE ThunderDome

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Drew McIntyre talks about WWE ThunderDome

Drew McIntyre started training at the age of fifteen in England, before returning to his hometown and starting his professional career; he quickly became a regular in British Championship Wrestling (BCW), where he won the BCW Heavyweight Championship twice, and Irish Whip Wrestling (IWW).

In 2007, he moved to the United States to sign a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which sent him to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) development territory. In 2009 he made his debut on the main roster of the federation remaining there until 2014; after two years in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), he returned to WWE in 2017.

In a recent interview with Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Drew McIntyre discussed working with Randy Orton and Keith Lee, what it’s been like performing inside the WWE ThunderDome, and much more.

Drew McIntyre on WWE ThunderDome

“Yeah, it’s a big difference-maker.

It has that kinda, big feel that you expect from WWE as a viewer and as a performer. Not that I didn’t have the butterflies in the PC, I certainly did and always do, but I especially have them here. Right now I’m just getting into the zone, getting ready for Raw as I always do and man, the entrances are something else.

When I first came out, on the first Raw in the ThunderDome and I raised the Title and freaking fire started going off around me and pyro going off around me, you know I’m still a wrestling fan at heart, I’m just standing there trying to keep a straight face, but in my head, I am marking the hell out, man this is really freaking cool" - Drew McIntyre said.

“And then when it comes to the matches themselves and the atmosphere, I’ve been able to see faces react but also hearing and feeling them in the arena. When Randy and I were in that match it was such a difference-maker for the emotion and that’s kind of what Randy and I are about, is telling the story, and you really need that feedback from the crowd to kinda dictate where you’re going and feel that emotion.

It made such a difference during that match, again we’re feeling things out as we go, maybe my initial promo I realized that the reactions weren’t quite going to be from a live crowd, we have a slight delay, it kinda threw me off but we tweaked it a bit, we figured it out.

I did a promo last week and OK, we’ll figure that issue out and it’s a figuring out process every step we go, you know we progress and our team are so unbelievable and they’re making us look like stars, it feels closer to what you would expect with WWE with the pyro and the lights and those drones flying overhead, so we feel good" - he added.