CM Punk joins in banter about Retribution's masking and um-masking

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CM Punk joins in banter about Retribution's masking and um-masking

As seen from the various insights that have been reported by wrestling media all around the world, including in reports discussing the recent episode of Monday Night Raw and in various reports that have come since then, WWE's new stable Retribution appeared with an all new look and shape, with the formerly-hooded members of the stable who now appear in the WWE rings as real Superstars of the company, after having signed wrestlers' contracts and with particular masks that now leave little to the imagination.

In these past two days, it has also reported how the news concerning the Retribution were taken with great hilarity from the WWE backstage, with several insiders who are said to also have opened the "bets" on how long it will take.

team to dissolve and fall into the usual oblivion of the WWE, due to the silly and senseless news added by the management in the last week. One wrestler who has mocked Retribution is CM Punk. Apparently, the thing that least would have gone down for both wrestlers and fans would have been the choices of the creative team that saw the Retribution change the name of its protagonists, inserting somewhat bizarre masks and with a rather senseless creative choice, that is to include them in the normal roster as full-fledged Superstar.

CM Punk comments on Retribution

The feature that most intrigued fans to follow the feats of the stable, was precisely the mystery, which was held up by the lack of knowledge of the identity of the athletes and above all by the fact that it was not yet known what these athletes wanted from WWE.

After learning about the new names of T-Bar, Mace and Slapjack, the former WWE Champion joining the mockery from fans and insiders, posted the following photo in his Instagram stories and wrote: "When you're bored in catering and there's an abundance of paper plates."

Obviously, CM Punk was making a reference to the strange mask worn by Shane Thorne. Thorne is now instead called Slapjack in the WWE rings and who apparently along with his teammates lost every bit of the mysterious persona he had worn till now and which he has since replaced with the look of the athlete that many would remember as a clown more than a thug thirsty for chaos.