Throwback to Clash of Champions 2013: Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

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Throwback to Clash of Champions 2013: Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

There are only a few days left until the appointment with Clash Of Champions 2020, scheduled for Sunday evening, 27th September at the Amway Center in Orlando. The event, despite a certain importance linked mainly to the name, has always been treated as a transitional PPV, with obvious results and not very beautiful meetings; but, as happened seven years ago, the scripts were not always respected.

On September 13, 2013, at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Night Of Champions took place, an event that despite having a weak construction and little interest, was able to surprise even the most skeptical fan. The meeting of the cartel was definitely a challenge for the WWE Championship between champion Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, with the former becoming, in effect, the leader of the Authority, headed by faction of Triple H .

It all started at SummerSlam, when The Viper cashed in the suitcase and won the WWE belt thanks to the intervention of The Game who, at the end of the challenge between John Cena and Yes Man, attacked the latter with his Pedigree, favoring the easy pinning by Orton.

In the following weeks, the American Dragon clamored for a rematch and got it, despite the continuous attacks of the Authority and the Shield; Big Show unexpectedly came to Daniel's aid and, tired of being treated like a puppet, gave the first signs of rebellion.

Clash of Champions: Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan: All in 24 hours

The battle of Night Of Champions was very good, with Orton trying hard to play dirty, while Bryan was intent on taking back what he lost on the hottest show of the year.

In the finale, the Apex Predator attempted to finish the match with his classic RKO, but the Yes Man hit him with a fa kick and knocked him out with the Yes Kick. Referee Scott Amstrong counted very quickly to three and Daniel Bryan regained the WWE title, to the delight of the Detroit crowd.

However, the joy of the American Dragon only lasted 24 hours; in fact, the rather questionable account of the race director did not go unnoticed and the Authority decided to make the belt vacant. Bryan and Orton faced off at Battleground , but Big Show intervened and the match ended in No Contest; later, it was decided that the WWE title had to be awarded in a Hell In A Cell Match in the PPV of the same name, with the Viper winning with the help of special referee Shawn Michaels.

The battle between the Authority and Daniel Bryan went on until the legendary night of WrestleMania 30, when the "Goat Face" defeated Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton in a single evening and became world heavyweight champion. Who knows what this edition of the Clash of Champions will bring?