Stephanie McMahon sells $2 million in WWE stock

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Stephanie McMahon sells $2 million in WWE stock

In many ways alarming news comes from the United States, where in these hours it has been learned that Stephanie McMahon has decided to sell 43% of the WWE shares she owned. A choice that financial analysts have judged as "strange", also taking into account the fact that in this period the value of these shares is particularly low.

Consequently, Vince's daughter didn't even make a particular profit from the financial operation. The latter figure was also highlighted by Dave Meltzer of the 'Wrestling Observer', who took the news from a SEC filing on the WWE corporate website.

Filing with the SEC is a financial statement or other formal document that is submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (hence the initials). The total number of shares that Stephanie has sold amounts to 57,573 (presented on the list with a price of 39.18 dollars each).

"Stephanie Levesque sold 43% of her WWE stock yesterday. The worst possible timing since the shares are at the lowest price in a long time," Meltzer reiterated in a Twitter post.

Stephanie McMahon has sold 43 per cent of her WWE stock

It is not easy right now to define the real reason that may have prompted Stephanie McMahon, who is WWE Chief Brand Officer, to such a financial operation.

Always widely involved in the family product (much more than his brother Shane), the former Raw Commissioner in July had however expressed some doubts about some insistent experiments that the company has recently proposed in its shows.

"We've learned a lot. Maybe we've even exaggerated. We evaluate and change frequently based on what our fans suggest and in relation to the technology available. Right now we're all in the same boat. I think our audience is willing to allow us to experiment.

a little. It is truly an opportunity on all fronts. Such a crisis is forcing innovation, which is fundamental in today's world. It has always been, but even more so today ", he explained in a ' interview granted to the newspaper 'Ad Age'

The filing noted McMahon still retains 76,324 shares of Class A Common Stock in WWE. Stephanie McMahon's husband, WWE legend Triple H, previously offloaded more than 45,000 shares of his WWE stock in August. WWE's stock price has fallen a little more than 46 percent within the last year, hitting a peak of $73.32 on Oct.

1, 2019. The official filing of the sale included a note that stated: “The price reported in Column 4 is a weighted average price received for the shares."