Why did Roman Reigns bring in Paul Heyman as his advocate?

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Why did Roman Reigns bring in Paul Heyman as his advocate?

In the latest edition of The Bump, broadcast published by WWE, Roman Reigns' new adviser, Brock Lesnar's former manager Paul Heyman, talked about his relationship with The Big Dog, how Roman returned to WWE, he immediately returned Universal Champion and finally talked about the challenge to be held in Clash of Champions against the champion's cousin, Jey Uso.

In particular, during the interview Paul Heyman commented on The Tribal Chief's new "Attitude" as a true Heel and explained the reasons for all this.

Paul Heyman on Roman Reigns' new attitude

Paul Heyman was recently a guest on WWE's The Bump.

During his interview on the show, Heyman was asked about Roman Reigns rescuing him from obscurity. In his reply, Heyman also opened up about why Roman Reigns decided to hire him in the first place: "Take it any way that you want it but I also said it on Friday Night SmackDown, if you would kindly pay attention to our own television programming, the quote was 'I was thrown into an ocean of obscurity and I was resuced to the island of relevancy by Roman Reigns' and that is a fact.

I was cast out. I was thrown away. I was sent out to drift into the ocean and just go away, 'don't even bother us any more' and Roman Reigns realized just in order for him to protect his status as the Superstar in WWE, that someone who has expereinced the same disrespect, the same lack of appreciation, someone who has experienced everything he is going through this year, that would be Paul Heyman, would need to protect him from these evil deeds that were cast upon him and to course correct what was happening here in World Wrestlig Entertainment.

As it does in all other forms of entertainment, all other forms of sports and also all other forms of sports entertainment." Paul Heyman was then asked about the change in Roman Reigns' attitude of late. Paul Heyman swept aside the assertion, saying this was just the way Roman Reigns felt: "I don't find that Roman has a new attitude.

I think that this is the real Roman Reigns that you're seeing and this is how he feels at this time and place in history. I would submit to you that Roman Reigns has always been authentically Roman Reigns and this is the manner in which he is going to deal with the cards that have been dealt to him."