Throwback to Clash of Champions 2015 aka Night of Champions

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Throwback to Clash of Champions 2015 aka Night of Champions

There are very few hours left until our appointment with Clash Of Champions 2020, an event that will present some very interesting meetings, hoping that there will be no particular inconveniences, as happened in the edition of five years ago.

On September 20, 2015, at the Toyota Center in Houston, Night Of Champions 2015 took place, the last event to be called in this way since the year after, the PPV took the definitive name of "Clash Of Champions"

The evening was pleasant enough, even though there was an air of anticipation in view of Hell In A Cell. One of the protagonists of the evening was the double champion Seth Rollins, who had to defend both the US title and the WWE belt.

At SummerSlam, the former Shield member wrote history, defeating John Cena and becoming the first athlete to hold the two prestigious laurels. Despite the support of the Authority, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon forced their protégé to play two matches in Night Of Champions.

The Beastslayer failed to defend the US title, as the Cenation leader won after an intense battle. But the night for Rollins didn't end right away, as his next WWE heavyweight belt challenger later revealed: Sting , back in action at Survivor Series 2014.

Clash of Champions 2015: The Last Act of "Night of Champions'"

The challenge got off to a good start, but soon the initial optimism, with the former WCW star one step away from victory after performing his DDT, was cut short when the Icon was seriously injured after Rollins hit him with a Powerslam (with the help of the stake).

The blow to the back was fatal for Sting, who had to grit his teeth and tried to win the meeting with Sharpshotter, but the pain was so high that Seth was able to overturn everything and triumph thanks to a simple Rollup , keeping the WWE title heavyweight.

At the end of the match, Sheamus attempted to cash in the Money In The Bank briefcase, but was stopped by Kane , who attacked both the Celtic Warrior and Seth Rollins , with the two starting a feud, which ended with a nasty challenge to Hell.

In A Cell 2015, won by the current Monday Night Messiah. A few weeks later, the architect was seriously injured and had to vacate his title before returning to action at Extreme Rules 2016. It went much worse for Sting who, after that terrible blow, never returned to fight and is still considered retired, ending his brief spell in WWE in the most unfortunate way possible.

The only consolation for the Icon after the loss in the Night of Champions aka Clash of Champions was the induction into the Hall Of Fame, which took place in the preceding event of WrestleMania 32.