Roman Reigns on how WWE supported by him after WrestleMania 36 decision

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Roman Reigns on how WWE supported by him after WrestleMania 36 decision

In recent weeks, one of the events that hit the WWE Universe the most has certainly been the return to the federation of Roman Reigns. This represented one of the few moments where both fans and the media were aware and had heard rumors about a possible intervention, which then took place on the night of SummerSlam.

It was Roman Reigns' first Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) appearance in five months: the wrestler was supposed to challenge for the Goldberg title at WrestleMania 36, ​​but decided to not participate at all due to the pandemic and was quickly replaced by Braun Strowman, who later became WWE Universal Champion.


Roman Reigns' words on his choice to give up

During the After The Bell podcast, the Big Dog spoke to Corey Graves' microphones and told the reasons for his choice to temporarily leave the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Here are his words: "When I made this choice I had many things on my mind, first of all that I made many sacrifices for my family and for them I was willing to sacrifice my job, my career in the ring and my great relationship with the public.

If it helps protect my family, I'll stop. In the end, I did everything in this sport and there is no recognition that I haven't had. For me, family is first and I thought it would be hard to convince me, but WWE managed to convince my wife and me."

Then he continued: "There was nothing that would change my mind knowing that this virus has affected everyone and I preferred to keep my family safe, but WWE managed to make my wife understand that I could stay safe, get out and then go home.

This was key to getting me back in the ring." It's not often that you see a star of the caliber of Roman Reigns out of the game for a long time, but in hindsight the wrestler has repeatedly made it clear that he thinks he made the best choice.

The only doubt we all have is what WWE would have been like in his absence if we wouldn't have seen Roman Reigns aka The Big Dog in action at all.