Confusing botch in Retribution's match on WWE RAW reported

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Confusing botch in Retribution's match on WWE RAW reported

In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw aired in the night between Monday and Tuesday, WWE broadcast on USA Network the first on-screen match of the famous Retribution stable, with the five boys of the hooded team who have finally revealed some important details about their identities and above all about the future they will have in the WWE rings.

After weeks of seemingly senseless attacks on the entire crew of the company, finally the 5 protagonists of the Raw team have discovered their faces, partially revealing those identities that for months have remained completely shrouded in mystery for fans of the WWE Universe.

After being challenged by Hurt Business in the main event of the red show, the Retribution team also revealed that they have signed a deal as WWE Superstar for the McMahons, with the five wrestlers now officially part of the Raw roster for the storyline brought on-screen.

Confusing botch in Retribution's match

As seen during the closing segment of the WWE flag show, the Retribution ended their match on Raw with a disqualification, with T-Bar hitting Bobby Lashley as the reigning US champion was about to have teammate surrender.

of the former Dominik Dijakovic. As reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, this final, however, should not have been staged in that way, with the disqualification of the Retribution which would not have been a "legal move" in the WWE rings, with the referee having then sensationally botchato the finale of the main event (as probably requested by the backstage of the company, by Gorilla Position).

As explained more fully by the well-known Observer journalist, in fact: "It was confirmed to me by a backstage source that WWE has botched its own internal rule that if a wrestler interferes with a count or submission, it's possible.

If the wrestler blocks the count or the submission of a teammate, this is legal, while if this athlete hits the legal man of the match for free and without reason, then the disqualification is triggered, which obviously makes no sense, but that's the story."

In practice, according to Meltzer, T-Bar's move against Bobby Lashley is said to have been totally legal, with the referee not having to trigger the disqualification. The WWE official, on the other hand, could have called the bell only if T-Bar had entered the match without receiving the tag, to attack the opponent for free, in a different phase of the match, which did not contain neither a pin nor a submission. In short, another strange nonsense made in WWE, which has already made many fans turn up their noses.