Ryback's Harsh Words for WWE CEO Vince McMahon

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Ryback's Harsh Words for WWE CEO Vince McMahon

Ryback is a former WWE intercontinental Champion and one of the most controversial former WWE stars in the world. Many people thought that he would be the new Goldberg in WWE. That could never happen as Ryback did not have enough wrestling talent.

He was also known as a very unsafe wrestler and is well-known for injuring CM Punk numerous times during their impressive feud. Ryback had a Q and A session with his fans on his podcast. His podcast is extremely popular and he has a huge set of fans.

During the podcast, he spoke about Vince McMahon. He stated that the talent of the stars was the thing that got them over with the fans.

Ryback's Harsh Words for WWE CEO Vince McMahon

"It was ALWAYS the talent," Ryback responded.

"He just created a platform as a human circus that he modified from his father. The guy is a piece of s---, can't stress this enough. World will be a better place when he passes. This isn't wishing death, but stating an opinion I believe to be true."

He stated that All Elite Wrestling should learn from WWE’s mistakes and they should do the exact opposite of what WWE is doing these days. All Elite Wrestling is the only promotion that could beat WWE at some point in time.

"I simply think if AEW just does the opposite of what WWE has done since Vince Jr. came along they will take over as number one," Ryback wrote. "Vince's days are [numbered] and the ship is slowly sinking. I believe in selling for good, it might mean slightly less profits, but it's the best for all."

Ryback was then asked about Triple H, whose real name is Paul Levesque. Triple H is probably going to take over the business after Vince McMahon passes away. Many people believe that Triple H will be a better boss than Vince McMahon as he understands wrestling better.

However, Ryback stated that WWE will still not be any good. He also stated that the downfall of WWe would start after Vince McMahon’s death. "P---y Paul is not the savior to anything. He will go down with the ship," Ryback responded.

"Changing the business model entirely to create the biggest stars on the planet and profit off that rather than running a business that is trying to make the logo the main star for maximum profits. The fans and all involved will win and they would actually increase profits."