Stone Cold Steve Austin called out for being a racist

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Stone Cold Steve Austin called out for being a racist

The world of pro-wrestling, just like that of TV in general, is often also made up of scandals and great positions, with several important insiders who become victims of media circuses that do nothing but tarnish their name, especially when the accusations come from someone who has not been seen on TV for several years and who therefore, thanks to those words, can get back on the crest of the wave for some time to talk about himself.

Again, with an almost free attack, a legendary athlete who has played for years in the WWE rings, wanted to have her say in a fairly simple and superficial way, on another WWE legend, much more important for the history of the company.

We are talking about Jazz and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, both seen in the McMahon rings up to over 10-15 years ago, which in the last period seem to be no longer on excellent terms. In her latest interview with Hannibal TV, the former WWE champion Jazz wanted to talk about the relationship she had with her colleagues during her stay in Stamford, with some of them certainly not having an exemplary behavior towards him and towards others.

Former WWE star says she was told that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is racist

“Yeah, everybody was polite. I don’t recall anybody just being … you know I’m going to tell you that a standoffish person was Stone Cold Steve Austin.

He still would say hi but he would kind of just be in his own world, always with the top top guys in their corner, laughing and bullsh*tting. He was cool and Debra and I now I still chit chat with her every now and then just to say hello.

If we see each other out at a signing or something we always try to have a drink or something together. There’s nothing but love with Debra. But Stone Cold … I heard he was a racist prick so I ain’t got too much to say to him anyway”.

The words thrown at the WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin are quite heavy, even in a rather superficial way and without weighing too much on the content, with Jazz who certainly did not send them to say to his former ringmate.

Who knows if the answer from the person concerned will now arrive or if "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will overlook the matter. Jazz was signed to a WWE contract in 2001 and debuted on WWE TV in early 2002 so she heard the stories about Debra and Steve Austin from around that time. Jazz noted that she’s friends with Debra and they still talk to this day.