Clarity on why Triple H's love triangle storyline was halted

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Clarity on why Triple H's love triangle storyline was halted

Triple H and Kurt Angle have repeatedly become part of interesting storylines in WWE history, but on one occasion was Stephanie McMahon also to participate? There is no counter-proof but around the Stamford federation there is a legend that Triple H decided to cancel a plot that involved a "love triangle" with him and Kurt Angle.

Recently intercepted the well-known Jim Ross commented in this way all this particular story.

Jim Ross on Triple H's love triangle storyline not playing out longer

Back in 2000, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Stephanie McMahon were involved in a love triangle.

Even though Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were in a relationship, on-screen Kurt Angle tried to steal McMahon from The Game. JR was around WWE during that time and he knows the kind of business Triple H and Kurt Angle used to do.

He spoke out on Grilling JR about the legend that Triple H didn’t want Angle with his wife on television. To Jim Ross, that idea seems stupid because he said that kind of thing would be out Triple H’s wheelhouse.

“If Triple H made that statement, it’s completely out of his wheelhouse. Because that statement itself is so stupid. Triple H isn’t a stupid guy. So, I don’t believe that. I never heard that on any authority.

That match – those guys are so good, either guy could’ve gone over and it was still gonna be a great match and a good outcome. The match itself was gonna be outstanding, but I have a hard time believing that. Kurt had great respect for everyone there and he was really coming into his own as that entertaining character.

Because he’d already proven he was a badass. And that’s the thing, quite frankly, I used to have some issues on Kurt with that because I thought sometimes he acted too silly and acted too dumb. Dumb jock – the Cowboy hat thing with Austin and things of that nature.

I liked the badass. I liked the Kurt Angle that was the Olympic gold medalist that could whoop anybody’s ass in the building and people knew that. I could’ve watched Kurt Angle and Triple H wrestle every week and it would’ve have bothered me a bit because I loved their chemistry and they were true to the business and they told great stories”.

Right now Triple H works on various projects in the WWE world and in particular together with Shawn Michaels he is constantly working for WWE NXT and NXT UK.