Roman Reigns hints at new stable with...

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Roman Reigns hints at new stable with...

As you all know by now, the family from which Smackdown's Universal Champion, Roman Reigns comes, contains dozens and dozens of well-known faces from the pro-wrestling world, such as the Usos brothers, Roman's cousins, ex Smackdown wrestler Rikishi, who is the father of the Smackdown twins or the various Naomi, Nia Jax, The Rock, Umaga and many others.

The Anoa'i family, from where all these great wrestlers come from, is so vast and rooted in the world of wrestling and especially in the world of WWE, that if the Stamford federation wanted to propose a stable totally composed of family members in its storylines, would be spoiled for choice, with different members of the various generations of the Samoan family tree, who could play the most disparate roles, from the world champion to those of couples to managers.

Roman Reigns hints at new stable

In some of the latest interviews released by both the Universal champion Roman Reigns and his challenger tonight in Clash of Champions, Jey Uso, the two WWE fighters have entered the WWE with a possible stable that would be incredible, with a team totally composed of the Anoa'i family that would really make sparks in the McMahon rings.

In his latest interview with the TalkSPORT website, Jey Uso would have said about this possibility: "The Bloodline may come back like staying there in a corner. But it will still be there. But imagine having a stable completely made up of members of the same blood - and I would love if he were a heel - an all-heel faction.

Hell yes, bro! I want something like Samoan Swat Team 2.0 or something, man. It writes itself, right?" Instead, on the other side, Roman Reigns echoed his cousin's words via the microphones of The Mania Club, saying: "Guys, put me and my cousins, the girls, even Joe, based only on the genealogical group and let's create a group that goes to dismantle everything.

I mean, we just saw the RETRIBUTION and the Hurt Business. We would destroy them, all of them. Put us all together and we would go and asphalt anyone who passes in front of us, all together." A very suggestive hypothesis proposed by the two Samoan cousins ​​of Smackdown, which for the moment still seems far enough, given the challenge of tonight, which will see Roman Reigns go to defend the Smackdown world title from the attack of his cousin, but you never know that WWE will not take inspiration for a future stable of the genre in the future.