*Spoiler* Sami Zayn wins WWE Intercontinental Championship

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*Spoiler* Sami Zayn wins WWE Intercontinental Championship

One of the most interesting WWE Pay-Per-View (PPV) matches that took place tonight, Clash of Champions, featured the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match between reigning champion Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and finally Samy Zayn.

Suspended above the ring were both Jeff Hardy's real title and Sami Zayn's "bogus" title and it was certainly a meeting full of surprises. After hitting his opponents several times with the ladder, Zayn tried to put it in position but the first to climb the ladder was AJ Styles, later stopped by Jeff Hardy.

Sami Zayn did not stop after handcuffing Jeff Hardy

Sami Zayn has once again captured the WWE Intercontinental Championship, defeating AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy at Sunday night’s Clash Of Champions pay-per-view. The challenge saw several reversals in the face with all three wrestlers fighting at ringside.

At one point Sami Zayn managed to climb the ladder, but AJ Styles took a small ladder and threw it at him causing him to fall. It was a spectacular match with The Phenomenal One and The Charismatic Enigma above the ladder contending for the title at one point and then it was Zayn who stopped the wrestler.

The three wrestlers have repeatedly been struggling with particularly dangerous actions, first of all Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles with the first who even tried to crush a ladder on his opponent. Jeff then took the ladder positioned outside the ring and did a "Swanton Bomb" on Samy Zayn causing him to collapse and the ladder destroyed.

With Zayn on the ground it seems to be a fight between AJ Styles and a battered Jeff Hardy, but surprisingly it is Samy Zayn who repeatedly catches and smashes Jeff Hardy to the ground. From the jacket Zayn hunts for the handcuffs and SUCCESSES JEFF HARDY OUT OF THE RING!

Zayn tries to block AJ Styles with another pair of handcuffs too but Styles hits him and seems to have the upper hand. But sensationally, Zayn attacked the handcuffs between himself and AJ Styles blocking the latter, an incredible situation.

Styles tries to go up despite Zayn and starts taking the titles, but Jeff Hardy arrives tied to the ladder and tries to stop him, meanwhile Zayn frees himself from the handcuffs and ties them to the stairs thus blocking AJ Styles.

With everyone stuck, Sami Zayn using a sensational gimmick is the new INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION. Hence, when Jeff Hardy came back to the ring with the ladder strapped to his ear, Styles got distracted for a mere second. Sami Zayn took this opportunity to set himself free, lock AJ Styles, and climb the ladder to acquire the belts hanging on top.