Roman Reigns opens up about the grind it takes to be the top star

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Roman Reigns opens up about the grind it takes to be the top star

In total, Roman Reigns has won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship three times, the Universal Championship twice and once each the Intercontinental Championship, the United States Championship and the Raw Tag Team Championship (with Seth Rollins), turning out to be the seventeenth wrestler in history to complete the Grand Slam (new format); he also won the 2015 edition of the royal rumble match, also setting the record for the highest number of eliminations for the time (12).

Anoa'i wrestled in the main event of many WWE pay-per-views, including four consecutive editions of WrestleMania (XXXI, XXXII, XXXIII and XXXIV), the company's most important annual event. Since the summer of 2014, WWE has chosen him as the "face of the federation", but his rise to the top as a face has been marked by the disapproval of critics and negative reactions from the public.

Corey Graves had on WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns on the WWE After The Bell podcast where Reigns opened up about his return to SummerSlam as well as the difficult decision to miss out on WrestleMania this year.

Roman Reigns on his WWE return

"It's everyday.

All day long," Roman Reigns pointed out. "You don't turn it off. You're that guy every single day and it has to be that way, and everybody wants to be on top. Everybody wants that push. 'Man, if they just pushed me, if this this and that,' but when the work comes, they start b--ching and moaning about it.

They start complaining, and it's like, you said you wanted to be the guy but you don't want to work on Tuesday, Wednesday [and] Thursday. You don't want to work on the Saturday. You don't want a double shot. You don't want to do the media before and after the show.

You don't want to have to catch the flight all the way across the country to do the hit for ESPN. There's a lot of different things that keep you away from home that make this a 24/7, 365 days a year job. It's not even a job.

It's like a life. You become it. You are it, and it's not something you can just put off to the side for a while and be like, I want to be normal for a little bit. I don't think everybody, as far as talent, understands that, and whenever they do get a bit of a taste of it, it's shocking.

I've seen some of the boys go from, 'man, I want to be pushed. I want to be the guy I want to have the responsibility' to being in the locker room like, 'I think I kind of like it right here doing what I'm doing, be on TV this one week, make a good living [and] be with my family for the rest of the week.

But they don't want to be in a situation, and not all of them, I'm not saying that this is everybody, that's what makes our locker room special as we do have a lot of hungry performers, but it's very rare for someone to taste the idea of doing everything, being on every single show, being dead tired all the time and enjoying it and being willing to do it year in and year out.

It's one thing to do it for a year or two, but when you've done it for like six or seven, that's when you are it. You don't got it. You are it."