*Spoiler* What went down in the Monday Night Raw finale?

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*Spoiler* What went down in the Monday Night Raw finale?

The Pay-Per-View (PPV) of Clash of Champions ended just over 24 hours and it was already time for Monday Night Raw with some of the protagonists who will be able to shed light on their behavior. During one of the main matches in the Pay-Per-View (PPV), Big Show, Christian, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels intervened against Randy Orton and "helped" Drew McIntyre to retain the title and beat The Viper in a very interesting Ambulance Match.

The action of Monday Night Raw began with these "4 knights" who invited McIntyre to celebrate his victory in the ring and explain his reasons. The four wanted to take revenge on the recent behavior of the Legend Killer and Shawn Michaels reveals that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis initiative taken in Clash of Champions was of an incredible Ric Flair.

During the celebrations Randy Orton intervened from the Titantron and asked once again for a title fight against Drew McIntyre: he is a 13-time world champion and deserved the best! This part ended with Orton leaving the arena and Drew McIntyre ready to challenge anyone by putting the title up for grabs.

The sensational finale of Monday Night Raw

During the episode, on the one hand, Drew McIntyre defended the belt without worries against the returning Robert Roode with the WWE Champion who wins by annihilating the opponent and on the other hand we note the four legends, who intervened at the beginning of the episode, have fun playing poker and relaxing.

The ending of Raw, however, saw a sensational twist: at a certain point outside the room of the 4 legends a hooded man appeared, who initially looked like a cleaner, but who turned out to be Randy Orton! The wrestler had his personal revenge well planned, turned off the lights and entered with some night light glasses and started hitting everyone with the chair.

The episode ended with the switching back on of the lights, everything destroyed and Christian, Big Show, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair lying on the ground, absolutely obliterated. It is not known what will happen as part of the Monday Night Raw action in the coming weeks but Randy Orton appears to have no intention of giving up the title fight and ready again to challenge and give his best against Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Champion Drew McIntyre.