*Spoiler* Seth Rollins' ongoing spat with Rey Mysterio takes another turn

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*Spoiler* Seth Rollins' ongoing spat with Rey Mysterio takes another turn

The increasingly long feud between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins has been going on for months and slowly the days pass and it happens that there are more and more characters in this intricate story. Initially, only Rey's son Dominik and Monday Night Messiah's loyal squire Buddy Murphy appeared.

Things have changed, and it seems that the latter is increasingly involved in a "Love story?" with Rey's daughter, Aliyah.

The latest on the Seth Rollins-Rey Mysterio feud

Last week Rollins hinted at the glaring possibility that Dominik was not Rey's son, thus panicking the Mexican-born wrestler's family.

This week Monday Night Messiah relaunched revealing the private chat between Murphy and Rey's daughter, Aliyah. This chat reveals the "tenderness" between the parties, a situation through which Seth tries to show that Aliyah is not totally loyal to her family.

The girl runs away and not even Murphy appreciates it by getting angry with Seth and then almost coming to blows with Dominik Mysterio. This is precisely one of the matches staged today on Raw. Dominik immediately starts very aggressive (as if there were no tomorrow) attacking Murphy and taking the reins of the match until then there is the reaction of Buddy who seems to have the upper hand, hits Dominik on several occasions and shows his power.

At a certain point, almost by chance Murphy discovers the tarp and Dominik takes the opportunity to take a Kendo Stick from under the ring and just when he seems ready to use it, Aliyah arrives. The girl tells him to stop, but Murphy takes advantage of it and with a Roll Up wins the contest.

Controversy at the end of the match with Rey Mysterio's son Dominik hitting Murphy with the Kendo Stick before his sister's intervention. According to Aliyah, Murphy is not like Seth Rollins and even the girl slaps her brother after he calls her naive again.

This segment ends with Aliyah who seems ever closer to Murphy and distant from her family. How is the WWE planning to end this storyline? There are rumours, of course, about the WWE wanting to conclude it in a completely unexpected manner but whether or not, these rumours have basis in facts will soon come to light. Until then, we have no choice except to enjoy the wait.