Ricochet reminds Konnan of Chris Benoit

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Ricochet reminds Konnan of Chris Benoit

Unfortunately, one of the most famous characters in the entire history of WWE, responds to the name of Chris Benoit and is sadly known not only for the excellent technique used for decades in the WWE and WCW rings, but also and above all for the tragic end that the wrestler wanted to apply to his life and that of his loved ones, his wife Nancy and son Daniel.

In fact, in the weekend between 23 and 24 June 2007, Chris Benoit in a very precarious mental and physical situation, ended his life and that of his loved ones, falling into an oblivion from which the WWE never wanted him.

pull out, with the association of his image to the company that has always been boycotted and avoided by the McMahon-owned federation and that over the years has tried in every way to deviate as much as possible from the Canadian wrestler's memory.

Although during his career Chris was one of the most talented and prolific wrestlers of his generation, after the tragic end also several fans turned their backs on the memory of the wrestler, absolutely not forgiving him for the cruel and absurd actions committed before the suicide.

Despite the tragic end, the character of the Chris Benoit wrestler seen on-screen, has always remained in the hearts of many fans and insiders, such as the Cuban Konnan, who spent several years side by side with Benoit, both in the ring Americans from WCW and ECW as well as those around the world.

In his latest speech to the microphones of The Push podcast, the well-known manager of the pro-wrestling world, he wanted to make some similarities also on the style of WWE Superstar Ricochet and on that of Benoit. While Konnan spoke to The Push podcast, he brought up Ricochet.

Ricochet reminds Konnan of Chris Benoit

Konnan had a chance to watch Ricochet closely prior to him entering WWE. He knows that Ricochet has incredible talents. He then made a very interesting comparison to Chris Benoit as both left it all in the ring every time.

“Another guy is a guy like Ricochet. He is someone that you should watch because it doesn’t matter where he’s at on the card… every single time he goes in the ring it is 100% authentically the best of the best.

He is the real f*cking deal. He will give you the best every single time. That’s what Chris Benoit used to do. A lot of people don’t like to talk about Chris Benoit but I’m speaking about him because before things went wrong in his life that was Chris’ reputation, the same with King Haku or the Dynamite Kid.

If those guys were in the ring then you were getting a beating and you were getting entertained because there was nothing else. They believed it, they lived it and they gave that. So in order to become an iconic figure in this business, you need to do that… you have to give the fans what they paid for”.