Rusev talks about Bobby Lashley's kiss with wife Lana for a storyline

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Rusev talks about Bobby Lashley's kiss with wife Lana for a storyline

One of the many athletes and professionals released by the WWE during the month of April, or in the midst of the virus pandemic that hit the whole world, was the former US champion of the McMahon company, Rusev. After years on the main roster of the Stamford-based federation, the executives preferred to remove a fundamental pawn like Rusev from his schedules, due to the lack of ideas for the fighter and above all for the somewhat cracked relationship that the Bulgarian had been carrying on in recent times.

and WWE. After a few months of forced stop, the then-Rusev has returned to be seen on a wrestling ring on the TNT channel, a broadcaster that broadcasts All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) Dynamite every week, with him thus confirming that signed a brand new contract with the Tony Khan-owned company.

Rusev talks about storyline that saw him star along with Lana and Bobby Lashley

In his latest interview with Chris Van Vliet's program, Miro wanted to talk at length about his last stint in WWE, with the storyline that saw him star along with his wife and colleague Bobby Lashley that was pretty tough, especially for what fans were saying online, but with the former Rusev always carrying out his work in the WWE rings with honor.
Regarding Lana and Lashley kissing in front of the cameras, Miro said:

"This is a question you should ask him and her, because it wasn't me kissing him.

It was their choice. Well, it wasn't their choice but it was what they were told to do. To use real aggressive kisses. Was it nice to watch? No, I've never looked at them. But at the same time, I understand that it was our job.

We are actors. But the question you just asked me and that everyone asks me and every time I say, 'You have to ask her. She's the one who kissed him. Ask him. He's married, he has kids, they watch the show ' Ask them, don't worry about me."

Despite the rather embarrassing position in which Rusev was placed before his departure from WWE, the Bulgarian athlete Rusev, who has now started going by his real name Miro, has always behaved in a sporty and professional manner, continuing to work as if nothing was wrong, even in front of the "passionate" kisses between his wife and the enemy of the ring, which lasted several months on the McMahon-owned square.