How hurried was the latest episode of Monday Night RAW for WWE?

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How hurried was the latest episode of Monday Night RAW for WWE?

In the last period, in the backstage of the WWE, the situation has been somewhat stormy, with the change of course due to the dismissal of Paul Heyman as head of the creative team of Monday Night Raw which has brought several repercussions and several changes to the entire organization chart of the behind the scenes team of the weekly shows.

After the departure of Mad Genius as Executive Director of McMahon's flagship show, to take command of both the WWE red show and the Friday Night Smackdown, it was the well-known Bruce Prichard, who together with the only Vince McMahon do all of the weekly main roster shows, including the monthly PPVs the Stamford-based company airs from Orlando's ThunderDome.

Since this change took place, the internal situation at the backstage is said to have become so chaotic, that several professionals were said to have a hard time finding their place in the creative team, but also in all the others, with the internal situation of the episode aired.

this night that was no less.

Chaos and delays lead the WWE crew to prepare for the episode in a hurry

As revealed in the past few hours by the well-known site Ringside News, the executives responsible for the creation of the Monday Night Raw card, or Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard, would have started writing the episode aired tonight so late that the crew would have had only very little time to put together all the pieces of the episode just before going on air.

According to Steve Carrier, who is a reporter for the site, "We're still getting word about how insane #WWERaw was for those backstage. Interesting note: We were told they didn't even start writing the script until 2:00 PM.

Superstars did get the word around 5. With a PPV the night before wouldn't you have a better idea? #ItMustBeMonday." Apparently, the absence of Raw Underground was also a consequence of these delays, with the WWE crew failing to record even a segment from Shane McMahon's black ring and with the insiders having to fall back with more during the evening.

Indeed, on Sunday, 27th September, Clash of Champions took place. And in what seemed like little time, on Monday, it was time for the RAW action. While both Clash of Champions and Monday Night Raw left audiences satisfied these reports indicate how stressful the atmosphere had become backstage. But kudos to the WWE's creative guys for giving their best out there.